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tv   The Five  FOX News  February 19, 2013 11:00pm-12:00am PST

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pending college student getting a chance to win free tuition. but he had to take a half court shot. so what did he do? recruited his basketball coach to take the shot. coach made the shot winning the clever student a free semester, thank you for being with us tonight make sure you go to tell us what you thought about tonight's show. what you thought about what the legal panel said what you think we should do tomorrow night's show. good night from washington. lie. don't buy it. >> eric: i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino, greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city. this right here is "the five." ♪
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♪ >> eric: as the gun debate rolls along some libs are going off the rail. they're so antigun, they can't think straight. listen to words of wisdom from colorado state representative joe salazar, a democrat, who thinks women should call time-out and run to a safe zone if they think they are getting raped. >> that's why we have call boxes and safe zones. that's why we have the whistles, you just don't know who you will be shooting at. you don't know if you feel like you are going to raped or feel like someone is following you around. if you feel like you are in trouble, you might not be, you pop out the gup and pop a round at somebody. >> eric: "pop a round at somebody." what, women are too emotional to handle guns? kimberly, dana, your thoughts? >> dana: go for it.
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democrat is so ignorant i don't know what is wrong with this guy. he made a statement like that and i hope he is regretting it. this is insulting to women. we don't have a right to care ray gun to protect ourselves because we might be irrationm. having a moody monday? ridiculous. i'd rather shoot somebody trying to rape me than run to a safe zone. what is that? what are they talking about. if someone is trying to harm you physically, there is no safe zone. >> greg: safe zone is ball pit at mcdonald's. i guess. try ied to figure it out. area that is well lit and on the poles are buttons. if you feel like somebody is following you, you press button and campus security is aware somebody there. however, telling people that there are safe zones, means other places are not safe zones so it helps rapists find
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where to rain. are you supposed to get a gps out to find a safe zone? >> greg: can all politicians, male, on both sides stop talking about rape? stop calling your opponents, follow them to hitler. if you follow those rulous will keep your job. joe biden not the brightest guy but he hasn't done those things and very successful. for better or worse, guns will be around no, matter what. if you look at members as women, women are incredibly good at dealing with risk factors. they don't participate in crazy activities. they don't shoot other people. they are the best people in the world to have guns. i would rather be around annie oakley than annie hall. 3 the true feminists. >> eric: joe salazar, the state representative issued a apology and said i'm sorry if i offended nip, not my intention. he said if nip thinks i'm not
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sensitive to dangers that women face, they are wrong. >> dana: i suppose, i'm sure he believes that. but he said if i have offended anybody, because he still doesn'ts up why it was offensive. surely the signal the end of the democratic party. richarache when akin made his comments, there was comments from the left and the right. think guy's were shrugged off. >> eric: you want in on this? >> bob: yeah. the idea that everybody on a campus carrying guns on friday night, male and female is about as crazy an idea as i have heard. imagine when the men come back from drinking and has a gun in their pocket? somebody will be killed >> kimberly: no one is saying they should be mandtoryly armed. >> bob: if you are carrying
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guns and around a campus, the chance of somebody getting shot by mistake is high. >> eric: what was about women. >> bob: mistake he made -- >> eric: they might pop somebody by accident. >> bob: it ice more likely that a man would pop somebody by accident. >> greg: this is the point. in a world where there are bad men, good women should be guns. if you look at how the media looks at the military and sexual freedom, it's autopsy you go girl. women's liberation, go, go, go. when it comes to guns, they stop. it's almost as though they are saying, when they talk about the -- they say the nra is targeting women. what they should say, every magazine editor should think guns is like yoga, but useful. >> eric: we should hear from fennists, right -- feminists, right? >> bob: you want to see women carrying guns on a college campus? >> greg: yes. i ask this question myself,
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would i rather have my wife face a rape west a whistle or a gun? gun definitely, or i'm a terrible husband. >> kimberly: they give you mace and things like that, but if you are trained properly, that's one thing. the problem is not too muches mh estrogen. it's too much "t." men are the problem. >> eric: the legislator as well intentioned as he might be, they are focusing on issues that have nothing to do with the root cause of the problem, domestic violence or violence against women, college campuses that aren't secure. the reason people are committing crimes in the first place. this is all basically, how many women are carrying guns on college campuses? i don't know the number, but i don't want to step them they are not allowed to if they feel like they need to protect themselves. this busy bodiness at the state legislatures i have an idea. no guns on college campuses.
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that doesn't, they're wasting our time. freddie announcing a gun-free zone makes it gun-fun zone for bad people. >> kimberly: like schools or movie theaters where there isn't armed security. >> eric: look what we found today. not just lawmakers, check out scholarly recommendations from the university of colorado. to coeds who are under attack by the potential rapist. this is not us. this is from the university of colorado, colorado springs. tell a the the attacker you hava disease. vomiting or urinating to convince the attacker to leave you alone. i'm offended. are you not offended by the recommendations? >> dana: i'm not offended by them because these come from experienced people who say this this can help you if you are a situation, where i don't carry autobahn. so maybe if i heard this.
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if you think you are in trouble, use one of these tips i'm not offended by it. >> kimberly: how are you supposed to vomit on demand like that? >> greg: i'll show you. it's the rapist who should be crapping not the victim. that means being armed. >> dana: i don't think everybody needs to be armed. >> eric: but what if somebody is. you don't know who and who doesn't have a gun. >> dana: i agreement. >> bob: what if an entire from persontfraternity comes bam drinking in a bar and they all have guns? >> dana: that is not what this is talking about. >> bob: the carry laws, carry laws around a lot of states. hidden, carrying gups. if you do that, it seems that the chance of people getting killed. >> eric: you eliminate the opportunity for anyone to have a gup at all you are telling bad guys there is an area no one is carrying guns.
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>> bob: what about a rape on cam us? >> eric: what are you talking about? it's rampant. rape on campus. >> dana: date rape. >> bob: are you going to take a gun out and shoot your date? >> kimberly: if your date is a rapist, you shoot them. >> let's move on. not want to be out done. department of homeland security says here is how to deal with a deadly terrorist in your office. watch. >> consider the difference between cover and concealment. cover will protect you from gunfire. concealment will hide you from the view of the shooter. quickly shoot the best option. if you are caught in the open and cannot conceal yourself, consider trying to overpower the shooter with whatever means are available. >> eric:sy czars, spray cleaner and rubber bands. what the hell is going on here? >> bob: i don't the vaguist idea. this reminds me of duck and cover when i was in elementary
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school. >> kimberly: for earthquakes. >> bob: nuclear bomb went off, the school would be blown to bits. i don't get it. rubber bands? what do you do with those? >> kimberly: want to find out? bolling has them. >> greg: you know what this is a decision, the decision is do you want to die right or do you want to live and be afresive? you should choose the latter. if you want to live you got to kill. if you want to crawl under desk and die, that is sad. >> eric: imagine, we are telling parents throughout now -- we're telling rapist to go to gun free zone and parents going office building to use rubber -- >> kimberly: that is a 3m party. >> dana: it's hard to find office supplies around here. >> greg: it is. you order and wait to weeks. >> dana: is there a closet or something? >> greg: all my pens are dying. >> eric: it's time to go. bob is shooting rubber bands. coming up, gas prices going
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through the roofment up for 33 days straight. environmentalist are trenting echo terrorism if we build the keystone pointline. watch. >> we will dismant the pipeline. >> you're not endorsing ecoterrorism are you? >> it depends on the circumstances. >> you will hear more from the free-hugging termite when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ >> dana: gas prices up for the 33rd straight day. that is one reason that some people want president obama to approve the keystone pipeline to carry oil from canada to texas, but others are opposed. environmental activists were in d.c. orve the weekend and. they are worried that keystone pipeline would increase global warming. they hold a protest on one of the coldest day of the year. up with threatened to use any means necessary to stop the pipeline from happening. listen. >> we will dismantle the pipeline.
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we would like for any means necessary for the pipeline to not be built. whether it means strike through workers or any means necessary. >> you are not endorsing dismantling physically violation of the law or ecoterrorism, are you? >> it depends on the circumstances. by my means necessary. we would support it. >> dana: i think he means business. eric, can you explain why the increase 33 days in a row? why people, why -- >> eric: cool, that guy. >> greg: any means necessary. he will call his dad for more mup for rent. >> dana: it was freezing, wind chill, minus 20. you have to hand it to them. they are dedicated even if misguided. >> eric: there will two occasion they dade global warming cancel and had to be canceled. one time for cold and one for snow. keystone pipeline with 600, 700, 800-barrels of crude oil to houston refineries.
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that lelp because 65% of the gasoline is crude oil. more supply, bring the price down. we need more refining capacity. but once you fete that and more crude oil prices will drop. we need one blend of gasoline. >> kimberly: have you not been saying this? yeah. look what happened. >> eric: we have 100 blend of gasoline. no need for a west coast blen blend, chicago blend, outside chicago blend. summer, winter, fall blend. pick one. >> bob: truth of the matter is, obama said in the "state of the union" we're importing less oil than in long time. number one. number two, a group of refineries are down going through the more hall winter change over an cleaning. we lost hess refinery in new jersey because of sandy. there is something said for not refining oil. the price will go up. >> can i just address that quickly. it's the highest price for high 19, 19 today. the highest starting price in history. whatever happens over the summer, we are starting --
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>> dana: the refinery capacity issue is up with they have been building for 15 years. this is not like washington couldn't deal with it in some way to get some, get ahead of it. ing from take this on, because a lot of celebrities -- >> danacelebrities -- >> greg: true. >> dana: listen to rosario dawson. >> this priceline is not for the benefit of the american people. this pipeline is so we can start selling to china and other places, which they say would create jobs and it's about bringing in money pew most of the money isn't trickling down to anybody. >> dana: are you persuaded? >> greg: i am. you know they say dolphins are smart as humans and i roll my eyes. but then i hear rosario and i think maybe they're right. if you could gain anything from the hollywood stupid, gain mars and venus. radio spills. she makes darryl hanna sound
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shakespearean. they think the cars could be powered by unicorn pee and pegsaurus' burps. >> bob: we do have the technology deliver natural gas to cars and buses. a lot of buses use the natural gas to get around. we have natural gas. no reason we tonight put infrastructure in. >> eric: now you're good with fracking? >> bob: i have no problem with fracking. i have no problem -- i didn't say the pipeline was a bad idea. we need to get back to nuclear power. >> dana: you also thought up with of the first acts of the second term would be that he would approve the pipeline. >> bob: i think he will. >> dana: if he listens to one of the democratic party stalstalwart he might be persuad otherwise. will. >> they find vein in their toes when the up withs in their arms and legs give out.
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we're running out of the easy to produce oil so we're going to a tar sand junk. we need to get off this. freddie why is he interview -- >> greg: why is he interviewing in a sauna? obama could trick everybody. just build windmills and every celebrity will buy in to it. >> bob: all over the country. the. the price of natural gas has gone down. >> dana: the regulatory situation where the reviews and the state local, and especially the federal level is not allowing to us have potential we could. what i hear, get you in here, al gore speaks about this issue, it seems like spoken like a true billionaire. never going to have to worry about money for the rest-his life. but families dealing with the gas prices up 33 days a row on earliest day of the season, those families are worried. >> kimberly: people have become justifiably intolerant
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of this. obama needs to show the leadership that bob beckel believes he will have and put this through. really, there isn't a good reason not to. just because there is freaks out there protesting. you know, the one thing he may try to do is a trade off is do carbon tax that republicans will never put it through. >> eric: the fact is-- >> bob: there are natural gas fracking wells that are kept. they can't sell it. >> eric: point something out. you guys were against pracking for the lockest time -- fracking for the longest time. >> bob: i was not against pracking. >> eric: robert beckel -- i don't know about bob. but the liberal left against fracking. environmental concern. >> dana: remember matt damon -- >> greg: they were putting it off before the election so obama wouldp tick off -- >> bob: i spent time learning about it. i learned about it and i think it's a good thing. the movie hollywood produced, matt damon, anti-fracking,
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then there was a different dock metary created, frac nation which i recommend. a lot of people could be persuaded. i want to show one thing. map of the united states. pipeline exist in the united states. there is the pipeline. as the keystone pipeline to that, and it really is not that much more of --be i can't see that. i actually have very good eyesight. i can't see that. trust me. >> greg: if there is a crisis media says women and minorities hit hardest. storm, or homelessness but never with oil. gas prices hit high, they never say the poor is hit hard. >> dana: it hurts the single mom the most. >> greg: protesters don't care. because they're not poor. they are subsidized by their parents. it's egos. >> dana: we have to go but the chant was president obama, we don't want no climate
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change drama. that was their line. they need a grammar coach, too. ahead on the five. you have won't want to miss this. there is controversy orve a new tea party character. reviewed by the wwe. greg will tell you all about that. plus, we have to reveal our own wwe character names. what would we call ourselves if we became professional wrestlers? stick around. we'll tell you. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> greg: last week on mop night raw, which i thought was
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sushi night at bob's place, wwe wrestling has a tea party characterbe named zeb coulter. given it's tv you know they avoided the stereotype. just kidding, he's a bigot. >> the we allowed a bunch of greedy, selfish, criminal december link wents to cross our -- delinquents to cross our border and rob this great country of all its wealth that i mean to drive across our borders and with a bunch of kids and live in 22 in a apartment with the hand out. freddie speak to me. i can't blame the wwe. the stereotype they created is so initiate from the money created by the main street media. look, i don't follow this sport. if i want to see two men wrestle i will watch the art films i made in the '90s. but the tea party is four years old. go topical. what about sergeant homeless.
11:30 pm
he demands spare change. or the food stamper, wrestlers who makes you pay for eats but a-for-beer and lotto. occupier. no wait, that is the homeless guy. add popeny tail an he trashes america as he hits on your kids. petulant prince, left wing president applying a leg lock tells you the door is always open and steals your cash. how about a wrestler who holds crude assumptions about people he doesn't know ors up to impress others in the media. you could call them the wwe executive. kimberly, what is your wrestling name? what would be your signature move? >> kimberly: dana perino named me. so my name is the high heeled heartbreaker. yeah, it is. the move is the lethal leg. and bob loves it.
11:31 pm
>> bob: yeah. freddie we can't ask you the show the move. i would go off the air forever. bob, do you wrest? >> bob: am i a wrestler? you are talking to the barackatoc. the obama trauma. that is who you are talking to. what are you talking about? shut your mouth, boy, i'll come down on you. with the suspender offender. get you up-ended and step on your crotch. >> eric: i have a better name for you. the round mound of sound. >> kimberly: poor bob. >> dana: clever. >> kimberly: i think bob has a future. he has a knack. >> greg: i would come to watch that. hussein of pain pain.
11:32 pm
brack [attack. >> eric: i'd be the bronze bomber, bob barber, ebola, destroy you with a finisher. touch will make you hemorrhage. what are you doing? >> kimberly: going to snap you. >> eric: cold hard cash. but i like america because you can't america without "e ricric" >> dana: very good. >> kimberly: who are you doing? >> eric: off the rails. >> greg: by the way, would be of the producers amanda says open up a can of spray tan. >> eric: thank you, amanda. freddie i had to do it. distric >> greg: dana? >> dana: i was in the press office they said i bring up the atomic elbow. i have that signature move. i put reporters in deep
11:33 pm
freeze. i like danamite. instead of dynamite. >> bob: we got that. >> dana: short stack sneak attack. also i like the gran parino. also, italian my little pony. >> kimberly: what about the deep freeze? >> dana: that is a move. if a reporter irritates you, you don't talk to them for the rest of your lives. hfebruary 13, 2009, i will never forget it. >> greg: give america the deep freeze look. go. >> kimberly: she does a snip, too. >> dana: elbow. >> bob: can somebody talk to me to see if this works. >> greg: i call myself the
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bridget midget. because i crush people's digi digits. >> bob: talk like a wrestler. >> greg: i've lost it. >> dana: if this guy on wwe the tea party guy, if he becomes like a huge winner, this could be a big boon. >> kimberly: he is a liberal vanilla ice. funny. >> greg: lawyer question, because you claim to be a lawyer. you have no proof of it. >> kimberly: i play one on tv. >> greg: the wrestlers named himself after coulter. if he continues this, does coulter has legal deaf nation. >> kimberly: it's spelled different. >> bob: get in line from people she offended. >> greg: columbia university, strip teasing professors that impales stuffed animals with swords. it opportunity end there. chaos on campus.
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♪ ♪ tern.
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now back to new york and my colleagues with "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: you won't believe at columbia university yesterday. students showed up for quantum mechanics class. but instead they got a trip show. it wasn't pretty. if .the physics professor took t off. >> to learn quantum mechanics. strip to your raw, erase all garbage from your brain and start over again. >> kimberly: well, he later curled in a fetal position
11:41 pm
while footage of hitler, saddam hussein and others were on the screen behind him. the bizarre stunt included ninjas and stuffed animals of course. it was executive produced by greg gutfeld. >> dana: sounds a weird thing. >> greg: ripped me off. $22 ,000 semester, any college student in new york who wants to see a grown man in underwear i charge $100. >> dana: what do you know about quantum physics. >> kimberly: it doesn't matter. >> greg: i'll show you. it manuals if a parent brought child or teenager $100,000 car. then $100,000 car made weird noises. everybody would be worried. but if you spent $100,000 on tuition and you have insame professor, everybody thinks it's funny. because theyent to see the money. they don't see the mup they paid. they think it's hilarious when they should be outraged. >> dana: what if you had to pay on your way in to class
11:42 pm
like going a movie. live hand over my $15 for the class, bet ber good. you might be mad and storm out of the theater. >> eric: i hope a lot of students have their parents get money back from a portion of the tuition. that is insanity. start over? trip strip down naked, start over and -- >> dana: he wants to be on broadway. >> eric: is that what goes on at columbia? >> bob: let me say first of all, my cousin teaching that class. >> kimberly: ricky bobby. >> bob: this guy is a highly claimed scientist. he is. >> eric: by whom? >> bob: he won a number of international -- no, he won international awards. here in our refectory search. maybe there was a reason for. this >> dana: well, they never forget it. they might not know anything aboutbe quantum mechanics. >> kimberly: he has lucy napse connections -- he has
11:43 pm
loose synapse connections. >> bob: i got a passing grade in french, she gave me a passing grade. freddie tha >> greg: can i make a point here? all the professors want to do is blow your mind. they want to impress the students with i'll tell you something. the world as you know is it not the way it is. then you realize they are bat poop crazy. >> kimberly: you used poop twice today. freaking out. getting weird. eric, bring the show back on track shall we? talk about the holidays because apparently you can have with it, wicken and pagan holidays at the university of missouri? can everyone apply. i want to be included. >> eric: this is a function of tenure. teachers are really just doing outrageous stuff because they know they are not going to get
11:44 pm
fired. >> dana: we didn't even get president's day off. >> kimberly: you didn't. >> dana: president's day. >> kimberly: does anybody else think this is a problem? >> bob: i don't think it's a problem. recognize it as holiday. i look at all the list of the holidays. most of them were jewish. number were christian and muslim. small numbers for bu buddha or hihindu. >> dana: there are holidays that people should have off and not have to work but some of these things, kids, you are going to have to work. >> kimberly: i am against holidays. bob thinks it's awesome. bolling you don't like it. dana, you don't like it. >> dana: anti. i don't want them to work or have a day off. >> eric: do you know how
11:45 pm
much time kids get off of school now? insanity. 'canes i never heard of this thing, they have a february break, spring break, fall break. >> dana: i took ronin to the school. it was closed. >> eric: february break. >> kimberly: he was off monday. how many days do you need? bost what a bum they're is? >> kimberly: we had pretend school. is america ready for war with the chinese? news today suggests chinese may be waging one. bob, on the china threat when we come back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> bob: a secret chinese
11:50 pm
military unit is believed to be behind a series of hacking attacks on u.s. military contract and businesses in up with of the lambest cyber espy spannage campaigns in american -- espionage campaigns in america. they trace this backbe to a chinese military base where it's emanating from. they find out the chinese is messing around with the electric power grid. said for years the chinese are the single most dangerous threat to the united states national security. much more than islam or anything i can think of. what we do, we continue to do business with them. america business goes there. they are a threat. we better pay attention to them. >> eric: i agree. the power friday is at risk. air traffic control is at risk. banking system is at risk. the chinese -- i hate this but the chinese prime minister pushed back. we have a quote from minister.
11:51 pm
i don't know how the finding of the report are credible. they traced it right back to them. >> dana: our college students are taken off for wickan and pafan holidays. >> bob: if you think about this, they have access to military secret from corporations that build the military equipment. if the chinese could continue to still this stuff, they don't worry abany research and -- any research and development. >> greg: to dan ab's point, america is a wash if cyber geeks. they all want jobs in silicon valley but they are instead on twitter advocating anti-fracking muel vie while china eats our lunch. they are live blogging the latest episode of "girls." don't punish china for wanting to win. chastise america for wanting to lose. they sense our decline. we are no longer america. it's diet america.
11:52 pm
>> bob: we trained more chinese students in this country in i.t. systems and other things. then they go back home and use it against us. >> kimberly: well, this is the land of opportunity. what can i tell you? we teach you how to spy on us. chinese involved in the business for a long time. they were more talented in the cyber warfare and cyber sleuthing before the u.s. started developing our system. book you and i discussed "china threat" is excellent to read for those who want to learn more about this. >> eric: the difference here coming from chinese government. this is a direct threat. direct attack. how this not an act of war? >> kimberly: this is an act of war. dangerous. >> bob: chinese have a difficult time with oil. they are attacking our energy
11:53 pm
communication and computers. can you manual if they shut down the power grid, what it could do with us? it could be catastrophic. we sit back a we continue to do business with us. >> kimberly: defense contractors targeted by them. hard drives, built in china. >> dana: not to defend the chinese but there are other governments around the world sponsoring this activity. plus, really scary thing about cyber terrorism is that you could break the electrical grid down if you are one person who is evil. has nefarious intent. there is a bill in front of congress, cyber terrorism bill that is getting some traction. white house said it would veto it. mike mcmorri rodgeageers. they are at least trying to deal with the issue. one problem that the white house had with it because civil libertys issue. how do you deal with that? the worrisome thing is a lone wolf out there. the chinese ewith have a
11:54 pm
relationship. we can talk to them military to military. the lone wolf -- >> bob: the attackers, the hacker, on greg's computer and it will end any thought you had of attacking before. up with more thing. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer] surprise -- you're having triplets.
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[ babies crying ] surprise -- your house was built on an ancient burial ground. [ ghosts moaning ] surprise -- your car needs a new transmission. [ coyote howls ] how about no more surprises? now you can get all the online trading tools you need without any surprise fees. ♪ it's not rocket science. it's just common sense.
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from td ameritrade.
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>> eric: time for one more thing. [ overtalk ] >> kimberly: honestly? so gross. so gross. >> eric: let's just move on. one more thing, dr. beckel and mr. hyde. >> bob: everybody heard a big controversy about the president playing with tiger woods. tiger woods spoke to spen and that is what he said about it. >> playing with the president was pretty cool. he is a wonderful person to be around. a pretty good athlete. he hit the ball well. he has an amazing touch. he can chip and putz putt. if after the four years if he spent more time playing golf he could get to where he is a pretty good stick. >> bob: good stick. he is a good stick there. he is. congratulations, tiger and mr. president.
11:59 pm
>> dana: are golfers athlet athletes? >> bob: i can't believe you said that. >> kimberly: yes, they are. >> eric: easter egg, good egg, greg is next. freddi >> greg: just roll the tape. >> my door is open. >> greg: that is my banned phrase. "my door is open." in 25 some-odd queers i have been working at various companies, anybody who says, "my door is always open" is lying. you show up and the door is always shut. only people that keeps doors over are a pervert. >> dana: i don't know a ton about baseball but i know a lot about dogs. i like this guy. buhrle. he is a pitcher and traded to the blue jays but he is not


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